Dotfuscator is a brand of application protection and analytics software.


Dotfuscator is a brand of application protection and analytics software created and marketed by the software company PreEmptive Solutions.

By using this tool you can prevent reverse engineering, piracy, and tampering through obfuscation, watermarking, linking, and compaction.
It is possible to detect tampering, inject real-time tamper defenses, and automate incident management and response.
.NET source code can be easily derived from compiled executables through the use of reverse-engineering tools and techniques. This quick access to source code increases the risk of intellectual property theft, source code vulnerability exploitation, privacy violations, and information loss, as well as potential revenue loss from piracy.
Dotfuscator CE is included with every copy of Visual Studio since 2003. Developers and Product Managers use the Dotfuscator Suite of tools and services to protect, defend, manage and measure the performance of their software products.

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Guest #33621556 4 years ago

Not exactly sure what it does.

Caleb Stein 8 years ago

not exactly sure what it does

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